Cleanse the mind, Cleanse the body

Ramadan is the ninth month of the year in Islam, followed by the lunar calendar (Moon) and it is upon us. We just finished day six, and I have to say I already feel amazing. I started the first day weighing 249 lbs with nothing on and today I weigh 235 lbs with nothing on. Granted, most of the weight I lost is water weight. Still, it is now out of my system and we are only on day six out of 30. I expect to get down as low as 220 lbs. Now for those who don’t know the purpose of Ramadan, it is not to lose weight. That is just something that tends to happen if you combine it with fitness. The reason, to get closer to God. When you can’t eat or drink water from sun up to sun down every day you’re not worried about what you will eat or enjoy next. Therefore, you have time to reflect and pray and ask God to accept your fast, forgive you for your sins, and thank him for all he has blessed you with.

I’m not going to lie, the first couple days are pretty harsh especially if you’re not use to it. You can get headaches, cramps, etc. After you get past that hump your body will start the cleansing process that many of us so need.  Believe it or not, you actually will have more energy than you normally have throughout the day.  This is hard to believe because you don’t have all that food holding you down.  Think about after a big meal, you feel sluggish and don’t want to get up or even want to take a nap because you are so full. Well, what I’ve experience during my past years of Ramadan has been eye opening. It really does cleanse your body, and as far as your mind, you have a clear mind and start to be thankful for everything God has blessed you with. And, it does feel rewarding taking that first sip of water once the sun goes down and you say your prayers


3 thoughts on “Ramadan

  1. Fessy thank you for explaining this! Love that you hold you relationship with gd to the highest power !


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