Entering the House

I’m not here to rant to you about the do’s and don’ts of Big Brother or to tell you how to play the game, we all know my gameplay can’t be matched. 

For any BB21 houseguest’s bout to go into sequester, the one piece of advice I feel I am qualified to give you, stay true to yourself.  Don’t change for a reality tv show/ game. 

I’m not saying go in there and not try to win that 500k, that’s a lot of money. Go in and bust your ass to get it.  But don’t change who you are. That was one of my few rules to myself walking in. Don’t change because you know you’re on TV, this is only 99 days, you have your life after this. Set yourself up for success after the show. Because yes, you will be loved for being an AMAZING gameplayer, but you will be loved even more for being an AMAZING person. 

This social experiment changed my life completely. You won’t believe all the opportunities I have been given because people like who I am and want to help and support me. So, no, I didn’t win BB20, but I stay winning in life because of how I carried myself on the show.

For most people watching at home what they don’t understand is the psychological toll it takes on you. Going into the house there’s no real way you can prepare for it. Viewers watch an episode on a Thursday, then go about their weekend and come back and tune in on Sunday and aren’t conscious that we haven’t moved from that house. And those weeks start to add up quickly. It is an experiment, and if you don’t stay true to yourself it can really affect you, in the house and even more so when you get out. 

The real dedicated big brother fan who watch live feeds really get to know the real you.  I think therefore the houseguests come off the show with some amazing fans and who become great friends after the show. It’s not because how they played a game on a tv show in a parking lot studio, but because who they are as people

So that is my advice, yes go in and play your ass off, but be conscious that you have a life after this and you want to set yourself up for success after the show. I think I’ve heard over 70,000 people apply to be on big brother. That’s some crazy odds, you want to take advantage of your opportunity. I was dumbfounded when I got off the show and saw the amount of support I had. It was amazing. Didn’t expect that in a million years. But what I’ve come to find out, I did some cool things in the game and I did some dumb things in the game.  Because my fans liked me as a PERSON I now have a big Amazing loyal fan base. Because of all their love and support, I have all the love in the world for everyone.

The first thing they tell you when you get out of the house, and I was in there 72 days before getting evicted and another 27 days in Jury and sequester, is STAY OFF TWITTER. And what’s the first thing all of us do, get on Twitter.

I thought it was hilarious seeing all the strong opinions people had about me, both good and bad. And the best advice I can give you is JUST ROLL WITH IT!

Don’t let something someone says about you dictate how you live your life or how you feel about yourself. After the show I was labeled a big dumb puppet, right? So, what did I do, just went with it. I sold Who Flipped Hats, I retweeted people making fun of me mopping like an idiot, because it was funny to me. I knew how I was in real life.  What do I look like trying to argue with people who think of me a certain way based on what they saw on a reality TV show.  Yes, it is for a cash prize; but, most of all it was for Y’alls entertainment. At the end of the day I knew how I was perceived on TV and just went with it.  I think the real people and fans really had fun with it, the people who were trying to get under my skin suddenly disappeared because they knew it didn’t affect me.

I think a lot of the big brother community (fans and house guests) think only a handful of people get the hate, and those nasty messages.  The truth is everyone gets it. It’s just how you choose to react or if you even react at all. For me personally like I said before, I appreciate all the support I have gotten, but on the other side if you don’t like me that’s your decision and choice and I respect it. However, I’m not going to let it affect me and dictate how I live. I have love for everyone. Always been that way.


2 thoughts on “Entering the House

  1. You always give great advice it is because you’re a real loyal person who was not going change who you are too win a game that’s why America loves you


  2. Love this Fess! It’s your best blog yet! Thanks for being such a real genuine person and staying true to yourself. It is why we all love you! I see lots of good things in your future. Keep living your life to the fullest. ❤️


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